How to: Download music off youtube.

Go to

Type a video that you like.
For example,
Black eye’d Peas - My humps

* Make sure when you find a song off youtube that you like, you do it “with lyrics”
This way, there is no noise or people talking in the background when you put it on your ipod/mp3 or a CD.

After you do that,
Go to

*Favorite ^ that in your browser
so you don’t forget it for next time.

Then when you get there you should see this,

Where it says
Select it all,
and paste the Black eye’d peas (or the url of your video)

You then press ‘Convert Video’
Once you do that, it should look like this,

When you see that,
You then right click ‘download’
& when it opens and says "Save as"
you make sure you’re saving it to your desktop,
& you correct the spelling and name of the video as you want it.

From there.
It should download to your desktop once you click save.
After that.

What you want to do is open your folder that says Music
and put it in there.
(when you are downloading a ton of songs you have to do each of the following steps individually.)

To put it on in your Itunes Correctly:
You put the song, (example black eye’d pees my humps)
In the music folder.
Than you open your Itunes and drag that file to your itunes.
Once you’ve done that. You find that song, and rename it.
You right click it, and press

"get info"
then you click info
From there you fix the Name of the song,
& artist
& if there is any extra data

in the info box (like where it says summary)
you remove it.
Otherwise your ipod will say different shit.

Then you should have the correct song in you Itunes&on your ipod.
Some songs on youtube, download & turn into an audio but do not go on your ipod.
When that happens.
You go to youtube, get a different video & do all the steps.
But make sure you delete
that song that doesn’t work from your music folder&itunes.

* Any questions, problems, or concerns write in my ask.

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